Q: What is #PROJECTATHLETE and how did it begin?

#ProjectAthleteis a company comprised of two departments designed to enhance your ability to achieve your health, fitness and mindset development goals. These departments are #ProjectAthlete Online Health Coaching Company and #ProjectAthlete Success Series.

The idea for #ProjectAthlete began when entrepreneur and co-founder Khaysan Kimberlin identified two things: 1) a need related to the enormous health epidemic the country is going through, and 2) the influence professional athletes have on people. She realised that those two things could be linked to fill the gap that the usual run-of-the-mill health and lifestyle coaching programs did not fill.

Having previously owned a health company, and having been involved in the basketball industry, Khaysan decided to start with what she knew and began filming the #ProjectAthlete Success Series. This series is dedicated to bringing health, fitness, mindset and everything else in between to the public, direct from professional athletes themselves.

While filming this series, Khaysan met DJ. The two connected and quickly realised they shared many of the same values. They had a passion for helping people, had bigger goals they wanted to tick off, and wanted to make a positive impact on the health of others. Different ideas were thrown around and, combined with the continuing series, #ProjectAthlete Online Health Coaching Company was born.

#ProjectAthlete Online Health Coaching Company utilises the knowledge and experience that our professional athletes, nutritionists, PT’s and other health coaches have gathered throughout their careers to help you kickstart your health goals. Our coaching is easily understood, simple to apply and transformative. We equip you with the same skills and tools that professionals use to get and sustain results, allowing you the opportunity to adopt a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

We have two main programs: a 4-week program and a 12-week program. The 4-week program is an introductory course designed to set you up for success alone and/or prepare you for the more in-depth 12-week program which has all the credentials to change your life.


Anthony Koutoufides

What hasn’t Anthony Koutoufides achieved? If you were to talk about his career looking backwards, you never would believe it took him multiples seasons get in the seniors, but it did. Watch as Kouta takes us through the most challenging years of his career and how he overcame them to go on and enjoy his best years ever and be crowned one of the best to play the game. Listen along as he talks about how personal development, association and hard work have been key to his success after football as well.

Cate Campbell

One of the four girls who now hold the new world record for Women’s 100 x Freestyle Relay Team.
Cate’s career launched in her early teens making her one of the youngest athletes to compete for Australia in 2008 Olympics at just age 16. Cate had such a strong humble presence about her and had so much knowledge and value to share that can be applied to any area of a successful life.

Perrin Buford

It’s no secret that the ultimate goal of any aspiring college basketball player, especially one as talented as Perrin is to play in the NBA. When things don’t go as initially planned the next best goal is to travel the world playing professionally.
Perrin has already had two individually successful professional seasons, both here in Australia and Europe and from my understanding is about to embark on another one. Not only is Perrin a talented basketball player he also possesses strong worldly beliefs and values which he is not afraid to voice; which always makes for an interesting interview. Watch as we learn more about the very fascinating Perrin Buford his unique passions, his beliefs and most importantly the ups and downs of his journey.

CJ Bruton

CJ Bruton recently had his jersey retired by the Sydney Kings, he is one of the most highly decorated Basketball players and now coaches Australia has produced. Beginning his career at the Perth Wildcats in 1994. CJ has literally played all over the world. Watch as CJ talks about the ups, the downs, everything in-between and what the overall process of his successful journey has taught him about life.

**More interviews coming from AFL Hall of Famers, AFL Grand Final Legends, A-League Championship players, World Champs, AFLW Captains and many, many more.

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